RHEN is an acronym of Rosalind's given names and serves as the title, for under which she creates her bespoke clothing. Rosalind, who after 11 years as a professional dancer re-trained in Mens Tailoring, on Savile Row, London, now works on a made-to-order basis, with all garments being designed and created in her a small studio in South East London. 

RHEN makes for men and women, often blurring the line between the two.

Re-imagined Classic Tailoring spliced with Theatrical Mysticism, each garment is made with movement in mind, for ease of living and the pleasure of comfort. A great portion of each garment is made by hand, honouring age-old tailoring techniques. Natural fibres are a great inspiration in the design process bringing texture, longevity and functionality. The colours and textures found in natural cloth also lend themselves to a harmonious and elegant image, bringing a oneness to any wardrobe.

Rosalind values her close customer communication and hopes to make each purchase from RHEN an experience to remember and be re-visited through new stories.

                                                                         Linen and Wool Button-down Work Dress. 2017